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Spring 2020 Courses

Spanish 115-2

Spanish 115 is a course designed for students with some previous study of Spanish.

The course develops essential communicative Spanish skills while developing critical thinking and cultural competency. 

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Spanish 121-3

Special Topics Gastronomy and Hispanic Identity

Will introduce students to interdisciplinary readings, lectures, films and discussions
which will lead them to examine the intimate connection between food and identity. In this course, identity and traditions surrounding food will be shown as representing powerful symbols of social and cultural meanings. Participating in the course will enhance critical thinking: students will come to differentiate how choices and traditions surrounding food can be understood as expressions of singularity, subjectivity, and solidarity. Moreover, students will learn how food marks boundaries
between different group of humans, tradition and innovation, and other such dichotomies.


Spanish 208

Spanish and Community

Development of advanced Spanish communication skills, as well as a thorough and personal cultural knowledge of the Chicagoland Hispanic community through readings, discussions, writing and required interviews commitment.

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